Bandhavgarh is a combination of two words, Bandhav meaning brother and Garh meaning Fort. The legend says Lord Rama had gifted this beautiful fort to his loving brother Lakshmana. This ancient fort lies in the hillock of the Vindhya ranges in the district of Umaria. The forests is divided into three zones, Tala, Magadi and Khitouli. The park constitutes of 448 sq kms and the buffer zone extends to about 466 sq kms. Last couple of years it was Tala zone where the maximum number of tigers were sighted, making it as The Premium zone, but this season Magadi and Khitouli zones stole the show. The last official census claimed that there were 63 tigers in the 448 sq kms. Chances of seeing a tiger at Bandhavgarh is high compared to the other national parks. The tiger population has been increasing with many cubs being born in the last couple of years.


Payment Terms

  • Foreign Nationals:100% payment on or before 90 days of travel.


  • 50% refund if cancelled before 50 days of travel.
  • 20% refund if cancelled 30 days before travel.
  • No refund if cancelled after above mentioned days.

Additional terms

  • This tour requires a general fitness among individuals.
  • A medical certificate will be needed to be produced giving a basic stats of your vitals.Indeminity bond needs to be signed prior to the tour.
  • Beyond roads travel and photography Pvt. Ltd will not be held responsible for any damages or mishaps to the property etc. undertaken by the customer.
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  • If you have any medical condition, it did be advisable to inform us about it. This ensures an extra care and support for you from our side.
  • Beyond roads travel and photography Pvt. Ltd can cancel any tours for any unseen or unfavourable conditions which can prove risky for you to travel there. In such a case, a full refund will be amde to you.
  • It is advisable to follow a set rules, especially in mentored tours. This ensures your safety.
  • There are guidlines and advise on what to carry in your clothes baggage. This ensures you are comfortable throughout your journey. Any medical emergencies will not be borne by Beyond roads Travel and Photography Pvt. Although, care and assitance will be given to you throughout any unforeseen circumstances.