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Amur leopards & Siberian tigers photography tour

8 Nights / 9 Days

  • Hidden away in the temperate forests of the incredible Russian Far East are two of the world’s rarest and most elusive animals in the whole world. The Siberian tiger is the largest species of cat and the Amur leopard is the rarest subspecies of cat in the world.

    We provide the tour to the North of the Leopard Land National Park where both cats are possible to be seen.

    As with most of our tours we believe that only responsible eco- tourism will save this species and help investment into the protection of about100 remaining Amur leopards and 550 Siberian tigers. So if you want to help their conservation and have the chance of becoming one of the few people to have ever seen this cat then this is the only tour for you.


    The chances to see a leopard or a tiger are very high as it is really wild area, the nearest small village is 2 hours driving off- road. Plus brown bears, raccoon dogs, badgers, Amur cats, a lot of ungulates as a bonus. For October 2018 on this North territory there were 2 male tigers, 3 females tigresses with 5 adult cubs in total, 2 male leopards and 2 female leopardesses with 5 adult cubs in total.


    Borisovskoe Plato, the North of the Leopard Land National Park, the nearest town is Ussuriysk, the airport is Vladivostok International Airport (VVO), Primorsky krai, the Russian Far East.

    Batch 1 Batch 2 Batch 3
    Jan 13th to Jan 21st 2020 Feb 21st - Feb 29th 2020 March 1st to March 9th 2020


    The annual average temperature about −5 °C (23 °F) and an average for January of −25 °C (−13 °F) and an average for July of +17 °C (63 °F), although this varies considerably, with a July average about 10 °C (50 °F) .

    Best Time to visit

    Summer is the best season to tick Siberia off your bucket list.

  • 1st Day:
    Arrival to Vladivostok Airport, transfer to Ussuriysk, dinner, overnight in 3* hotel.

    2nd Day:
    Breakfast. Transfer to the Leopard Land National Park. Meeting with the oldest ranger of that places: he knows everything about tigers and leopards on his territory and will show you amazing camera traps videos. You may ask him questions about photography. Lunch. Checking and setting camera traps on the territory of the park (by ATVs). Staying in the hide.

    2nd to 8th Day:
    Staying in the cozy hide, waiting for leopard or tiger come out for his bait.

    6th Day:
    EYou will change your hide to another one in different place with the new landscape and new trail. You may go out to the forest cabins to take shower in Russian traditional banya and take some rest in the forest cabin if you want.

    8th Day:
    Checking camera traps. Lunch in the base camp. Departure to Vladivostok 3* hotel. Dinner.

    9th Day:
    Breakfast. Departure from Vladivostok airport.

  • Bookings cut off date and Payment terms :

    Travel confirmation date & Advance 1st instalment date and amount 2nd instalment date and amount 3rd instalment date and amount
    Batch 1 March 31st 2019 / USD 580 + Flight tickets charges 10th July 2019 / USD 1740 10th Oct 2019 / USD 1740 1st Dec 2019 / USD 1740
    Batch 2 April 30th 2019 / USD 580 + Flight tickets charges 10th August 2019 /USD 1740 10th Nov 2019 / USD 1740 1st Jan 2020 / USD1740
    Batch 3 May 30th 2019 / USD 580 + Flight tickets charges 10th Sept 2019 / USD 1740 10th Dec 2019 / USD 1740 1st Feb 2020 / 1740


    • Transportation charges during the tour.
    • Accommodation: 3*hotel in Vladivostok & Ussuriysk (single room), forest cabins and the hides in the Leopards’ Land.
    • Three meals per day from ecologically friendly ingredients on daily basis, food for staying in the hides: noodles, nuts, chocolates, soups, bread, snacks, water.
    • Ranger, interpreter, driver and group leader service.
    • Fee for issuing an invitation letter to obtain visa.
    • All reserve's fees and entrance tickets.
    • Using camera traps and night vision camera.
    • Bait.


    • Russian visa; ( takes one week to ten working days ).
    • Two-way air ticket to Vladivostok; ( should be booked while booking your seat ).
    • Comfortable warm clothes, comfortable hiking footwear.
    • Photographic equipment if you are involved into wildlife photography.
    • Health insurance.
  • Payment Terms

    • Indian nationals: 100% payment on or before 60 days of travel.
    • Foreign Nationals:100% payment on or before 90 days of travel.

    Cancellation Policy

    • 50% refund if cancelled before 50 days of travel.
    • 20% refund if cancelled 30 days before travel.
    • No refund if cancelled after above mentioned days.

    Additional terms

    • This tour requires a general fitness among individuals.
    • A medical certificate will be needed to be produced giving a basic stats of your vitals.Indeminity bond needs to be signed prior to the tour.
    • Beyond roads travel and photography Pvt. Ltd will not be held responsible for any damages or mishaps to the property etc. undertaken by the customer.
    • Beyond roads travel and photography Pvt. Ltd will not be responsible for any loss or theft. Although, it is advisable not to keep an eye out on a general note.
    • If you have any medical condition, it did be advisable to inform us about it. This ensures an extra care and support for you from our side.
    • Beyond roads travel and photography Pvt. Ltd can cancel any tours for any unseen or unfavourable conditions which can prove risky for you to travel there. In such a case, a full refund will be amde to you.
    • It is advisable to follow a set rules, especially in mentored tours. This ensures your safety.
    • There are guidlines and advise on what to carry in your clothes baggage. This ensures you are comfortable throughout your journey. Any medical emergencies will not be borne by Beyond roads Travel and Photography Pvt. Although, care and assitance will be given to you throughout any unforeseen circumstances.
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