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Weekend with the Crocs


  • 45 kms, South of Chennai and 15km North of the temple town, Mahabalipuram, lies this beautiful patch of indigenous forest. It faces the Bay of Bengal and is home to 17 species of crocodilian, three of which are listed as critically endangered. The park has been established by one of the World-famous herpetologists Rom and his wife Zai Whitaker. The Croc Bank is far more than a typical zoo and in fact our core operation is as much a field-based conservation outfit as it is a collection of captive animals for safekeeping. with two permanent field stations and several projects running concurrently. There is plenty of excitement in store.

    The closeness of this park from the bustling cities of Chennai and Bangalore, this is one of the most desired weekend getaways especially for the kids. The well-trained team put up a great show. They work along the local tribe called Erulas, who are natural snake catchers.

    We at Travel Unbounded have designed such a wonderful itinerary for you to learn and live close to nature. This tour is generally recommended for a group size of 20 students. The transportation from Bangalore would be arranged by us fr these groups. Though we can assist in arranging transport for smaller groups, guests can also drive down to the crocodile park.

    Nearest Airport


    Nearest Railway Station

    Chennai. People can also travel from Pondy but Chennai is very well connected.

    By Road

    Bangalore to Chennai takes about 6 hours of drive time.

  • Day 01 : 

    Reach crocodile park at 12.30 PM. Settle down in the dorm. Lunch is served at 01:00 PM. The tour skipper along with the trainer would be briefing the group on the next two days activities at 01.45 PM.

    Guided tour starts at 02:00 PM. Refreshments are provided at 03:00 PM.

    The most interesting part of the tour is the reptile encounter. This would be at 3.30 PM. The Irula trainers would be displaying the techniques of how to handle the reptiles to the group. The Irulas are one of the last forest scientists of the world. Their knowledge and use of herbal medicines, tracking and digging skills, and unusual diet (which includes rats) has been written about, filmed, studied and lauded. During the pre-monsoon season when termites leave their mounds and swarm, Irulas use a special seed to simulate the smell of rain, catching bagfuls of this winged protein and eating it raw or roasted. But their most famous hunting feat is that of tracking and catching snakes. From an (to us) invisible scrape on the ground, the Irula hunter knows the species, size, and travel direction. From being a snake hunter to now a supplier of venom to the scientist to develop antivenin , the Irulas are one of the best examples of conservationists. 

    At 04.30 PM, during the season time, the guests can visit a Erula co-op. During off season, this enclosure would be closed.

    To keep your energy levels high, refreshments would be provided again at 05.15 PM.

    After so much of learning, it is time to have fun now!!. At 05.30 PM, you all would head to the beach for some fun activities. Guests are requested to follow the instructions of the trainers and are not allowed to venture into the water. We would not be responsible for any mishaps or accidents.

    Dinner is served at 07:00 PM.

    07.45 PM, there would be a night walk to the zoo. One can witness the creatures of the night coming alive.

    Chennai is blessed with an abundance of natural wealth. The beaches of Chennai welcome the highly endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles every year, which sadly face the brunt of human negligence. Between January and April every year, the Olive Ridley turtles nest on beaches in and around Chennai every night.

    During this season, one can enjoy the ‘Turtle Beach walk’. This is between 00:12 AM to 00:02 AM. During the walk, one can witness the huge turtles who come to the beach to lay the eggs. These eggs are collected and are carefully laid beneath the sand in an enclosed area. This is to protect the eggs from poachers. After the baby turtles hatch, they’re then set free back into the sea. Whether you are into wildlife or not, this experience of letting the tiny little baby turtles can become one of the most cherished memories of your lifetime! 

    During the other months, the guests would retire after dinner. Both A/C and non AC dorms are available for stay. AC dorms have a capacity of 13 beds and non AC are equipped with 18 beds.

    Day 02 :

    The adventurous can wake up early and go fr a snake walk. This would be at an additional cost. Others who want to take it easy, can wake up a little late. Freshen up, have breakfast at 09.30 AM and depart the crocodile bank with life time memories. End of tour.


     Non AC dorm - INR 2500

     AC dorm - INR 3000

     Transportation per person from Bangalore to Chennai and back - INR 1500


    • 1 N stay at Crocodile bank at the dorms.
    • All activities as mentioned
    • Transportation if provided by us to the group.
    • Meals as mentioned.



    • Personal expenses e.g. tips, laundry, drinks etc.
    • Medical expenses
    • Anything other than mentioned in the cost includes section.



    • GST – Additional - 5 %


  • Payment Terms

    • Indian nationals: 100% payment on or before 60 days of travel.
    • Foreign Nationals:100% payment on or before 90 days of travel.


    Cancellation Policy

    • 50% refund if cancelled before 50 days of travel.
    • 20% refund if cancelled 30 days before travel.
    • No refund if cancelled after above mentioned days.


    Additional terms

    • This tour requires a general fitness among individuals.
    • A medical certificate will be needed to be produced giving a basic stats of your vitals. Indemnity bond needs to be signed prior to the tour.
    • Beyond roads travel and photography Pvt. Ltd will not be held responsible for any damages or mishaps to the property etc. undertaken by the customer.
    • Beyond roads travel and photography Pvt. Ltd will not be responsible for any loss or theft. Although, it is advisable not to keep an eye out on a general note.
    • If you have any medical condition, it did be advisable to inform us about it. This ensures an extra care and support for you from our side.
    • Beyond roads travel and photography Pvt. Ltd can cancel any tours for any unseen or unfavorable conditions which can prove risky for you to travel there. In such a case, a full refund will be amide to you.
    • It is advisable to follow a set rules, especially in mentored tours. This ensures your safety.
    • There are guidelines and advise on what to carry in your clothes baggage. This ensures you are comfortable throughout your journey. Any medical emergencies will not be borne by Beyond roads Travel and Photography Pvt. Although, care and assistance will be given to you throughout any unforeseen circumstances.
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